TASI - Benefits To The Country

The Transport Authority Service Integration (TASI) Project is a transitional process which is designed to benefit the entire Barbadian community.

It is a step into the future of public transportation services.

Through increased ridership of public transportation vehicles, we expect to see reduced traffic congestion and the consequent reduction in air pollution.

As we move towards a transportation model with an increased use of public transportation vehicles, the country will benefit from reduced energy costs as buses are utilized to substitute for private cars.

There are also benefits for the various sectors of our economy.  Employers will applaud the improved punctuality and productivity of employees who will be able to travel to and fro more efficiently.  And visitors to our island will be ensured a structured, disciplined public transportation service if they choose to exercise this option for travel around the island.

TASI encourages a more efficient utilization of our country’s resources.

TASI One schedule, one fare.


Video - TASI Programme