Acting under the powers conferred by The Road Traffic Act Cap 295 section 124 (1) (m) and in accordance with The Road Traffic (Amendment) Regulations 2009 section 43 (f), the Ministry of Transport Works and Maintenance has updated its Uniform and Dress Code for Drivers and Conductors (Operators) of routed privately-owned Public Service Vehicles (PSV).This NEW Dress Code comes into effect from January 2, 2019.

The specifications for the uniform to be worn and the dress code are detailed in Schedule 1 (view here).

The Chief Technical Officer (Ministry of Transport Works and Maintenance) and the Transport Authority are hereby authorized to determine whether or not a PSV operator's attire or appearance is appropriate.

Each permit holder of the privately-owned routed PSV is responsible for ensuring that his/her operators comply with the conditions for the new uniform and the Dress Code as specified herein. The Transport Authority reserves the right to suspend or revoke the permit for non-compliance with these specifications.

You are hereby advised that section 109 of the Road Traffic Act Chapter 295 of the Laws of Barbados provides that

"Any person who commits an offence under this Act or the regulations for which no penalty is specifically provided is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1,000.00 or to imprisonment for a term of 12 months, or both".

It is also provided in the Road Traffic Regulations , 1984 section 47A that

"A driver or conductor of a public service vehicle who contravenes the provisions of this part is guilty of an offence".

For further clarification or information regarding grooming and dress, please contact us.

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