Permit Holders and Operators of Routed Public Service Vehicles on Route 3D

It has been drawn to the attention of the Transport Authority, by residents of Fairy Valley, that there are some drivers of routed Public Service Vehicles who are not completing the route as specified in accordance with their Permit. Please be advised that the Fairy Valley route must include Thyme Bottom, Fairy Valley Road and the Regional Police Training Centre.

The Transport Authority wishes to remind drivers and permit holders, that failing to observe and comply with the routed description of their permit, is a breach of the terms and conditions of said permit.

The Transport Authority will very shortly convene a meeting with the permit holders and operators to discuss this matter.
As we seek to improve the service in this sector, the Public is also reminded of their responsibility to continue to report infractions when they occur.

This may be done:

  1. In writing via post
  2. In writing via email :
  3. In writing via WhatsApp at 836-1778 (1PSV)
  4. By calling the Transport Authority’s offices at 536-0300
  5. By calling the Transport Authority’s Hot Line at 836-1778 (1PSV)
  6. By visiting the Transport Authority’s offices at Constitution River Terminal.


The Authority wishes to thank those owners and operators who continue to comply with the law, as well as those members of the public whose vigilance supports the enhancement and improvement of the Transportation Sector.