Fellow Barbadians, as we seek to bring Barbados into the 21st Century, your Transport Authority has been working assiduously to make our trans­portation system the envy of the Caribbean. We have listened to your many concerns and tales of frustration and, arising out of this, we are in the process of creating a higher level of transportation service. To this end we have embarked on a journey in delivering a service to make all Barbadians proud - this has started with immediate dialogue with our Private Sector partners.

Over the past few months, The Barbados Government instituted targeted surveys which were sent out via broadcast, print and social media as well as volunteers taking to the streets and homes across the island to not only find out your views, but more importantly your needs and suggestions across a wide cross section of national concerns.

We, at The Transport Authority, understand clearly that the number one obstacle to an efficient working transportation system is the short­ age of buses on the road. In this regard, the partnership with the Private Transport Owners is extremely important, and our continued collaboration will hope­ fully lead to an even greater level of both efficiency and service.

It is envisaged that over time, with a fuller complement of both private and public sector buses on hand, a more strategic and reliable bus service can be created.

In the next few weeks, The Constitu­ tion River Terminal will become functional. It will be staffed by specially trained personnel who will assist in providing, both for the commuters and operators, an orderly, comfortable, well managed operational space. Your cooperation in adherence to the directions of the Transport Authority's personnel will be deeply appreciated.

Please be assured that as we move forward, our developmental plans aim to provide for you, the travel­ ling public, a reliable, safe and comfortable travelling experience