3TEden Lodge

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Cheapside Terminal To Eden Lodge, Husbands Development & Melrose Via Seaview Road, Reef Road Turn Left On To Redman Drive, Left On To Prescod Boulevard, Turn Left On To Princess Alice Highway, Turn Left On To Prince Alfred Street Turn Right On To Broad Street, Turn Left On To Prince William Henry Street, Coleridge Street, White Park Road, Bank Hall, Bush Hall Main Road, Stadium Road, Codrington Road, Turn Right To Spooners Hill, Green Hill, Eden Lodge Road, Eden Lodge Housing Area, Eden Lodge Road, Turn Left At Pricesmart, Nhc Building, Cgi Towers, D'arcy Scott Roundabout, Turn Left On To Abc Highway, Hinds Hill Junction, Turn Right At Traffic Lights, Turn On To Husbands New Development, Reservoir Road Loop And Exit On To The Abc Highway, Left At D'arcy Scott Roundabout To Ronald Mapp Highway, Right At Melrose (Automotive Art Junction), Turn Right To Canewood Roundabout, Jackson, Everton Weekes Rounadabout And Return Via Same Route Until White Park Road, Magazine Lane, Roebuck Street, Crumpton Street, St. Michael's Row, Bridge Street, Wharf Road, Hincks Street, Princess Alice Highway, Turn Right Into Cheapside Terminal