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River Terminal To Kirtons, Nursery Drive, Turn Right Onto Constitution Road, Mencea Cox Roundabout, Belmont Road, Nita Barrow Roundabout, Government Hill, Two Mile Hill, J.T.C Ramsay Roundabout, Mapp Hill, South District, Watts Village, Boarded Hall, Turn Right To Fere Pilgrim, Turn Left To Ridge, Turn Left To Lower Greys, Right To Yorkshire Road, St. Patricks Roundabout, Gordon Walters Primary School, Walrond, Charnocks, Turn Left Unto Abc Highway, Tom Adams Round About, Spencers, Rock Hall, Turn Left At Old Bury Woods, St. Martins, Kirtons, Turn Around At Risotto Avenue (Rices) And Return Via St. Martins, Gemswick, Oldbury