11Silver Sands

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Route Taxis
River Route Taxi Terminal to Silver Sands via Nursery Drive, turn right onto Constitution Road, u turn at Mencea Cox rounderbout, left turn onto John Beckles Drive, left turn onto River Road ,right turn onto Jemmotts Lane, turn left onto Bay Street, Garrison, Hastings Main Road, Worthing Main Road, St. Lawrence, Top Rock, Maxwell Main Road, Welches, Oistins, Keizer Hill, Enterprise Main Road, Goodland, Sayers Court, Silver Sands, return same route via Round Rock, South Ealing Park, Inch Marlow, to junction with highway 'U' turn lefy highway 'U' to Oistins via Hopwell, Enterprise to Bay Street, right turn onto Jemmotts Lane, left turn onto River Road, right turn onto John Beckles Drive, left Turn onto Constitution Road, left turn onto Nursery Drive to River Route Taxi Terminal