3CPegwell Boggs

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Route Taxis
River Terminal to Pegwell Boggs via Nursery Drive, turn right onto Constitution Road, Mencea Cox Rounderbout,John Beckles Drive, Ena Walters Rounderbout, Jemmonts Lane, Bay Street, Hastings, Worthing, Top Rock Rounderbout, turn left, Opposite Jones Funeral Home,turn right to Maxwell Hill Road,Cane Vane Road, Oistins Hill Junction, Church Hill, turn right at Church Hill Junction, turn left at Pegwell Boggs, turn around to Hill View Road and return vai Waverley, turn right onto Keizer Hill, Oistins Depot, Thornbury Hill, left onto Church Hill, Oistins Hill Junction, Cane Vale, Maxwell Hill, exit opposite Jones Funeral Home, Top Rock, Worthing Hastings, Bay Street, Jemmonts Lane, Ena Walters Ronderbout,River Road,John Beckles Drive, left onto Constitution Road,left to Nursery Drive to River Terminal.