3WProute Village,Clifton Hall And Airy Hill

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Route Taxis
River Route Taxi Terminal To Proute Village, Clifton Hill And Airy Hill Via Nursery Drive, Turn Tight Onto Constitution Road, Mencea Cox Roundabout, Halls Road, James A Tudor Roundabout, Hindsbury Road, Station Hill, Waterford, Clyde Walcott Roundabout, Hothersal Turning, Turn Right At Kelby's, Turn Left Into Skeetes Road, Turn Right To Jackman, Bibby's Lane, Exchange, Proute Village, Clifton Hill, Clifton Hill Moravian Church, Mount Wilton, Lammings, Airy Hill, Turn Aound At Clement Rock(Near Airy Hill Gospel Hall)And Return Same Route Until James A Tudor Roundabout, Onto Roebuck Street, Turn Left Onto Crumpton Street, Left Onto Constitution Road, U-Turn At Mencea Cox Roundabout, Left On To Nursery Drive, River Route Taxi Terminal