1. It is illegal to sell or purchase a PSV permit approved by the Transport Authority or issued by the Barbados Licensing Authority. Any report of such activity reaching the Transport Authority will be investigated and if confirmed, the relevant permit will be revoked and the perpe­trators - the buyer and seller -  will be prosecuted.
  2. It is contrary to the Terms and Conditions under which a PSV permit is issued to lease the permit to a third party.
  3. PSV permit holders desirous of transferring a PSV permit as a result of the sale of the associated vehicle are cautioned to obtain approval for the transfer of the permit prior to completing the sale as there is no guarantee that the intended transferee will qualify for a new PSV permit from the Transport Authority.
  4. Persons intending to import a vehicle to be used as a PSV must obtain the relevant permit approval documents from the Transport Authority for presentation to The Customs Department prior to the importation of the vehicle.